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This display will run from July 12 through Nov. 1

“Treasures from the Collection” is the current exhibit at The Lace Museum which showcases many of the best pieces in the museum’s collection of lace. All the lace in this exhibit is hand-made, some of it dating to the 17th century. A Point d’ Gaze gown, a Maltese two-piece suit and a Rosaline jacket are featured. Two fabulous pieces of church lace are on display: an altar cloth of Maltese Bobbin Lace and Honiton Lace for a priest’s Alb. Five wonderful runners showing a wide variety of lace techniques hang along one wall. The earliest piece of lace in the show is a Coraline needle lace edging which dates to 1695, and a the newest is a piece of Art Nouveau needle lace edging which dates to the early 20th century. Collars, fans, edgings, handkerchiefs, parasols, and baby bonnets round out the show.

Come see if you can figure out what type of bobbin lace the large tablecloth was made of. The details below are from a 19th century needle lace table runner and the back of our very special Point d' Gaze gown.

needle lace gown



display case