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Lace: A Sumptuous History is located pre-security in the International Terminal Main Hall Departures Lobby, San Francisco International Airport. The exhibition is on view to all Airport visitors from February 8, 2014 to June 22, 2014. There is no charge to view the exhibition. This display includes pieces from The Lace Museum and Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles.

SFO display

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Victorian Black

This display will run from February to July 5

An exhibit of Victorian passementerie – beaded, sequined and lace trims for gowns and the home opened at The Lace Museum on January 25, 2014. The Victorian era dictated strict rules for clothing during a period of mourning for up to four years for a deceased relative. This led to a huge industry in fashionable black clothing and accessories. Many garments were heavily embellished with beads, sequins, braid and lace. The exhibit includes day and evening gowns, collars, scarves and flounces.

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This exhibit will feature the museum’s collection of jet, onyx and glass beaded trim for garments and the home. Also there are sequins, lace and braid on gowns and accessories such as purses and parasols. Chantilly shawls, lace collars, bead collars and yokes and net gloves from our collection will enhance the beadwork.

Interpretations of the Victorian Black beadwork from the 1920s to the 1960s are also featured. .

blue beadeddetail beading



Matelassé is from a French word meaning padded or cushioned.

Matelassé is a double or compound fabric; the quilted character

and raised pattern are made on a Jacquard or dobby loom. 

Crepe yarn and ordinary yarn are interlaced in the warp and weft

or only the weft.  In finishing, the crepe yarn shrinks and causes

the ordinary yarn to pucker or blister, which gives the fabric a

quilted or padded effect. See detail right.





Next display - Treasures of the Museum Opens July 12. During set-up, July 7 - 11, the museum and giftshop will be open, but no tours will be given.