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Lacy Beginnings

This display will run from Jan 17 to June 20, 2015

In centuries past, babies wore elaborate gowns for Christenings and other special occasions.  The new exhibit at The Lace Museum celebrates this with “Lacy Beginnings” an exhibit of Christening gowns as wonderful examples of hand work including embroidery and lace. The museum’s collection of gowns includes those decorated with Ayrshire white work from the 1840s, eyelet, ruching, bobbin lace, needle lace, pin tucks, stiletto work and other hand-work techniques.  Some gowns in the exhibit will be on loan from a collector in Los Altos. The exhibit also includes baby bonnets and other baby accessories in many different lace techniques from the 1800s to today. 

These images are details of Ayrshire embroidery and needle lace inserts in a couple of the Christening gowns in the display.







Call for Entries
 We are very excited about the new exhibit coming in July of 2015. It will be called Thread Around Holes and will be an exhibit of contemporary and unusual lace items in various media.

We are calling on lace-makers around the area to present their lace creations for consideration. If you have produced an unusual lace item, please think about submitting it for review. Our goal is to present lace in ways people may not have thought about before beyond just clothing and linens from a bygone era.

 Some examples are wire lace, framed modern lace motifs,  contemporary designs in traditional lace, 3-D pieces, clothing or accessories in lace using unusual techniques and lace designs used in other media. There are no limitations as to materials used—we will consider lace  designs in any media as long as it will fit reasonably into our exhibit area.
Entries must be submitted no later than April 18. The exhibit will open on June 27 and run through October 31. Your lace item will be available for pick-up on Monday, November 2.

If you have an item or items you would like to exhibit, please contact Donna LaVallee at or call the museum at 408-730-4695.