You are invited to a book signing event at the museum, Friday August 12, from 7 - 9 pm.

In honor of Kaethe Kliot's devotion to teaching and promoting bobbin lace, we have chosen to use a
portion of The Kliot Fund to put together this book of simple beginning bobbin lace patterns, with emphasis on teaching children. We hope that she will be looking down on all of the children—and children at heart—learning to make lace.

This spiral-bound book with 78 pages of fun and colorful patterns appropriate for young lacemakers of varying levels, with design contributions from Cathy Belleville, Paula Harten, Kim Davis, Jane Partridge, and Rosemary Shepherd is available at The Lace Museum, at the IOLI Convention, and on Amazon (now back in stock). The price is $29.99.

This web page will be updated with corrections as needed. See bottom of the page.

We also have a set of downloadable goodies from the book for you to check out!


Badge and Button Templates

When we are tasked with giving a demonstration to 200 kids in three hours, we may not get our choice of thread. Sometimes we are provided with thread, sometimes it comes from a church or school’s stash, and sometimes we are gifted with thread that is not ideal. Because this happens, we have a workaround for dealing with sub-par thread.

Most of the patterns in the "Fast Projects for Small Hands" section are small and require stiff threads. Limp thread or projects that curl up are the largest problem. When proper thread is not used, we will put the item into a badge or button. Check out the book for more details on the setup and threads we use for demonstration!

We have created a few templates in different colors for you to use for your children's lace making events, although you may need to shrink or enlarge them. The rectangular templates are designed for a 3.5" x 2.25" pinback nametag, and the circles fit into 2.25" round buttons.

Click on the images to get the three page PDF's to print. There are badges and buttons in three colors, with and without Lace Museum text



Rainbow Project Decorations

Click on the image to get a set of decorations for the rainbow project on page 48 that you can print and color!



(none yet!)