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Hyperboic Tatting with Patty Dowden

April 18 & 19 ------ 9:30-4:30

$175 for 12 hours of instruction
A quote from Patty about how she got started: “I saw a couple of websites about people crocheting the Great Barrier Reef in fantastic, swirling representations of corals and the critters that live there. They were fascinating and beautiful. The reef was based on mathematical models of hyperbolic planes and pseudo spheres that curl wildly. I HAD to be able to do this in Tatting!”
A definition of hyperbolic:  “Hyperbolic refers to an object that always grows at the same rate. The rate of increase can be anything: doubling, 3:2 (each row increases by 1 DS for each 2 DS in the previous row. 12:11, 37:22. Anything. But it is always the same. Now artistically, we can take liberties, but we’ll do the simple stuff first.”
All tatters – beginner to advanced are welcome.  Beginners should be able to tat a ring and a chain (shuttle or needle).Participants will make 3 to 5 different examples of Hyperbolic Tatting in the class.  The group will start with a flower, move to a snake, then spirals and wreaths on carbone rings. The ruffles make great flowers and spirals and you might even invent something new as you learn.  Included in the workshop is a lesson on tatting on a carbone ring or a jewelry finding.
Hyperbolic Tatting is not hard, nor is it strangely different – just the occasional left turn!
Patty’s Flickr gallery has more photos:  go to and type hyperbolic tatting into search.