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For our website visitors who are looking for lace teachers in other areas of the US, Canada and some areas where there are IOLI members, please contact the IOLI Education Chair for help.

Lace Museum Classes

Preregistration with full payment required.

All of our classes are by appointment only. Maximum 6 students per class. If a lace class (other than listed here) is wanted, please call the museum at (408) 730-4695 and we will try to arrange the class. All of our teachers are volunteers, and their classes are flexible. Some teach at their homes. Students are responsible for finishing their projects when taking lessons. We advise you to allow time for at least an hour of uninterrupted time at home for homework.

Special Workshops

Weekend workshops with visiting teachers from around the world are frequently scheduled. Registration is limited - times, fees, and other details are outlined in the workshop descriptions.

Ongoing Classes

Classes in bobbin and other types of lace for children:

Children who would like to learn bobbin, needle or crocheted lace may contact the museum to arrange classes on Saturday or on Wednesday afternoons. Cost is $60 for six lessons plus a deposit for the materials. Students are expected to work on their projects at home between lessons.

crochet sample

Beginner Crochet - Taught by Eleanore Schwartz

By appointment only. Call the museum.

Image Left: Crochet sample



bobbin lace cloth stitch

Bobbin Lace - Taught by Eleanore Schwartz and Pat Wootton

Beginner to Intermediate level and a very personal, easy class. Students progress at their own pace. Tools may be purchased at registration or earlier, if desired. Beginning students should expect to take six lessons to learn the technique and work on projects at home. Classes are held on an ongoing basis, Wednesdays 11 AM - 1PM or Thursdays, 7-9 PM. (Single session, $20). Call the museum to register for this class.

Image left: Bobbin Lace cloth stitch snake



Tatting - Taught by Eleanore Schwartz - Wednesday

Beginner class. Eleanore is a lace maker in all techniques and her beginner's class is structured to ensure students of a thorough knowledge of tatting for their lace making skills. Tools may be purchased at registration. Call the museum to register. Wednesdays, 11AM - 1PM and Thursday evenings 7-9 PM (Single session $20)

Image left: tatting example



Knitted lace

Lacy Knitting - Taught by Eleanore Schwartz - Wednesday

Call to arrange a class. Cost is $60 for 3 2-hour sessions.
Beginners - bring size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn in a light color and a pattern of an item you would like to make.

Image Left: Lace Knitting example

hardanger sample

Hardanger - Taught by Eleanore Schwartz.

A new class for the Guild. Call the museum to register for this class.

Image Left: Hardanger example




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