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Class Schedules

The Lace Museum has partnered with the I.O.L.I. Convention Committee this year to run virtual classes in this unprecedented time. We are located in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, which is in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT / UTC-7) in July and August. Classes are scheduled by day/time blocks and the web page groupings reflect those blocks. We default to Pacific time references. Time zone converter (external link)

 Not all classes fit exactly into their day/time block. Please read the details for a given class carefully.

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Links to Class Details by Day/Time Blocks (Pacific)

Click the colored boxes to go to the details for that block’s classes. Registration for open classes is now through our Workshops page.

Registration Information

Priority Registration for I.O.L.I. members is now closed. Public Registration opened June 1st at 9am PDT (UTC-7/San Francisco) and members and other students may sign up for additional classes if any remain open.

How to register, starting June 1st:

  1. Visit our Workshops page.
  2. Open UnCon 2.0 classes are listed with our other course offerings, sorted by date. Click on the “Register” link for the class that interests you. This will take you to a registration form on a Google drive site. Do not be concerned that you are leaving the domain.
  3. Fill out the form and click on Submit.  You are now on the class list but have not yet paid.
  4. On the confirmation page, follow the link to The Lace Museum Shopify site to purchase the registration and accompanying kit, if any. Like other online shopping sites, it is possible for your registration choice to change to a “sold out” status at any time as you step through the check out process. If there are no seats left to purchase for the class in Shopify, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list for the class. Your registration form is dated and time-stamped to ensure that any spaces that open will be offered first come, first served.

When registering for a class, you will be asked to agree to The Lace Museum policies regarding recordings, participation/supplies and cancellations/refunds.

After registering for your class, remember to return to the I.O.L.I. site to register with a separate form for all of the UnCon 2.0 events. The UnCon committee has worked hard this year to bring you an exciting combination of live and recorded events, including special presentations, lace-related games, and live Virtual Trunk Shows featuring our vendors.

Electronic Devices for an Online Class

To successfully take an online class a student must have one electronic device, and often two. You need a desktop or laptop computer, or possibly a tablet, with a screen large enough for you to see the instructor and anything she or he is demonstrating. It is best if it has a camera and microphone so the instructor can see and hear you, but they are not absolutely essential. 

To fully reap the benefits of a class the instructor should be able to see your work also. For some classes, such as needle lace, it is fine for you to hold your work up to the main camera. For others, such as beginning bobbin lace, it is essential that you have a second electronic device suspended over your work quite closely. Each class description states whether a second device is Required, Recommended, or Not Necessary.

There are three typical things to use for the second device – a smart phone with a camera, a webcam or a document reader. All will work, but in our experience the phone’s camera will usually be the best, and many people already have them. There are many ways to suspend the camera over your work. There are flexible armatures with a clamp to hold the phone/camera. You can attach it to a flexible lamp with rubber bands or string. You can stack some books next to your pillow/work and insert the phone under the top few books. If the phone isn’t centered well enough with the books, try two stacks of books with two dowels or a yardstick laid across them, then attach the phone/camera to the dowels or yardstick. 

Any of these second devices can be plugged into a USB slot on your computer. If you do that, you will sign into the Zoom meeting with one window and you will switch between your main camera and the second camera during class.  Usually there is a symbol next to the Stop Video icon on the bottom of your Zoom window that leads you to a menu where you can Select a Camera. Alternatively, if you are using a phone, you can choose not to plug it into your computer.  Simply click on the link for the meeting on the phone and you will sign in with a second window. After that you don’t have to worry about switching your cameras. The instructor and moderator can choose to look at your second camera whenever they need to.

If all of this information sounds complicated, never fear. As long as you have the equipment, we will help you set it up. The Lace Museum will schedule many sessions for students to practice their setups before classes begin. So, you can try the setup ahead of time by yourself, then join a museum practice session to test everything and refine it.