Michèle Kelly: Tradition and Transformation

Michèle Kelly is a fiber artist based in Northern California. She became interested in fiber arts from an early age because of the tactile quality of fabrics and threads, and the ability of textiles to hold experiences and memory. Her interests are bringing old techniques into a modern context, experimenting with different fibers, including recycled materials such as plastic and paper, and keeping the traditional arts relevant and moving forward.

Please scroll down for a sampling of Michèle’s extraordinary work. See more of Michele’s projects in her Instagram account: @miak872

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Midnight Windows Vessel
Midnight Windows Vessel, 2021, 4½” x 4½” x 4½”. Bobbin laced linen thread and left over thread bits from other lace projects, beeswax.
Bobbin Lace Sampler
Bobbin Lace Sampler, 1994, 14″ x 15½”. Linen thread. Stitches from The Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches by Bridget Cook and Geraldine Stott.
Red Flower
Red Flower, 2017, 7″. Linen thread.
Flowing River Scarf
Flowing River Scarf, 2014, 5″ x 36″. Silk, cotton, linen.
Blue Martian Dandelion
Blue Martian Dandelion, 2018, 14″ diameter. Linen thread.
Blood Orange
Blood Orange, 2016, 8″ diameter to 3″ diameter. Made with linen thread and painted.
Periphery Circuit Handkerchief
Periphery Circuit Handkerchief, 2018, 8″ x 8″. Cotton fabric, cotton thread.
Golden Gate Bridge Handkerchief
Golden Gate Bridge Handkerchief, 2017 cotton fabric, 8″ x 8″. Linen thread.
Scarf Beginning
Scarf Beginning, 2021, 7½” x 8′ (final length). Cashmere yarn.
Bowl, 2018, 4″ upper diameter x 3″. Linen.
Freesia Cord
Freesia Cord, 2020, 7½ “. Cord made from Freesia stems. Cotton fabric dyed with Freesia flowers. Cotton thread for stitching on fabric.
Light, 2021, 2½” diameter x 2″. Plastic store bags cut into “thread ” and frozen juice lid.
Epsicle, 2019, 4″ x 2″. Linen.
Green Monster
Green Monster, 2021, 3″. Linen thread left over from bobbin lace projects.

Unwanted Sheath, 2021, 48″ x 40″. Plastic store bags cut into “thread “. Video on Instagram, click on Instagram image for play button.