Sponsor Lace

The Lace Museum would like to offer you the opportunity to sponsor a special item from the museum’s fabulous collection.

Please contact the museum at lacemuseum@gmail.com, select a piece of lace or a display from the list of available pieces, sign a sponsorship agreement and pay the museum a set fee for a three year sponsorship.

Permanent Display: The items on the sponsorship list which are on permanent display and include multiple items in a shadowbox, showcase or show drawer have a $500 sponsor fee.

Rotating Display:The items which are on rotating display have a $250 sponsor fee. (additional items will be added to this list over time) Your sponsorship fee will allow the museum to:

  • Maintain and conserve the piece of lace
  • Provide safe and appropriate storage for the lace
  • Mount or frame the piece if it is needed
  • Improve the quality of exhibitions at the museum
  • Help with operating expenses at the museum

During your sponsorship, the Lace Museum will:

  • Care for and maintain this item in its collection
  • Notify you, the sponsor, if the item is to be a part of a rotating exhibition or a traveling exhibition
  • Allow you to view the item with at least 7 days notice if it is not on exhibit
  • Post a plaque near the item recognizing your sponsorship while it is on display

Teneriffe Collar (Old Lace in the New World)
Rotating Display Item – $250 for three years

Pale gold bertha handmade in Africa, circa 1900. Slightly asymmetrical in shape, with an edging of leaf-shaped forms said to replicate reed fans used in the tropics. Hand-carried back to the U.S. by the donor’s great-uncle, a refrigeration engineer.

Italian Jesurum Collar (Jesurum)
Rotating Display Item – Sponsored by a Generous Patron

Multi-colored bobbin lace, Jesurum polychrome, with rich jewel tones. Seamed at center front to form a deep “V” and hand-stitched at shoulders to curve inward. Probably Venetian, circa late 1800s.

Table Linens (Belgian War Lace) (Provenance)
Rotating Display Item – $250 for three years
This item will be exhibited in the next 3 years.

A set of table mats and coasters handmade in Belgium, circa 1918-19. Wide bobbin lace surrounds depict the insignias of the Allied powers during World War I. Purchased in Brussels in 1919 by a returning American solider as a wedding present for his brother.

Cocktail Dress (Mid-Century Modern Lace)
Rotating Display Item – $250 for three years
This item will be exhibited in the next 3 years.

Sleeveless, form-fitting black dress, circa 1950s. Vertical strips of rayon ribbon are shaped into hairpin lace, then crocheted together for faggoting effect. Matching lace belt mounted on grosgrain ribbon.

Chemisette (Irish Lace)
Rotating Display Item – $250 for three years

Sleeveless undergarment embellished with Irish crochet. The ivory machine-net shell, its collar, and full, ruffled jabot are trimmed with Irish crochet insertions and edgings. Circa 1910.